[vlc-devel] Difference between --sub-filter and --sub-source

Peter Tap ptrtap at yahoo.com
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Hi Kaarlo,

Thank you for your help.

The confusing part is that the UI Preferences dialog shows that the marquee control can be played as a sub-source and/or a sub-filter. Why do we have two options? What is the right option?


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27. maaliskuuta 2012 23.51 Peter Tap <ptrtap at yahoo.com> kirjoitti:

>What is the difference between "--sub-filter" and "--sub-source" command line options?

--sub-source=<string> Subpictures source module This adds so-called "subpicture sources". These filters overlay some images or text over the video (like a logo, arbitrary text, ...).
--sub-filter=<string> Subpictures filter module This adds so-called "subpicture filters". These filter subpictures created by subtitles decoders or other subpictures sources.

>In my case, I have developed a video filter that displays text on screen. This is very similar to the marquee filter. However, when I run vlc, just --sub-filter="mytest" or --sub-source="mytest" doesn't work. I need to specify both the options to get my filter to work. I am just trying to understand why I need both these options.
>Thank you in advance for your help.
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