[vlc-devel] cannot open hardware acceleration on android 2.3.4

ScottLin scottlin at condel-tech.com
Fri Mar 30 04:02:15 CEST 2012

I don't understand. I update my source code again just yet.

>From the code, if USE_IOMX is defined, "libiomx.so" is the only dll in the
if USE_IOMX is not defined, there are 3 candidates in the ppsz_dll_list.
("libOMX_Core.so", "libOmxCore.so", "libomxil-bellagio.so")
Neither of them contain libiomx-gingerbread.so.

And on my device, I found USE_IOMX is defined.

Even I add libiomx-gingerbread.so in front of libiomx.so in the
and libiomx-gingerbread.so is chosen, pf_component_enum() still returns
OMX_ErrorNoMore at index 0;

Is there any code difference between git server and yours?
Or Is there any special build configuration? I use the default compile.sh
synced from git.

Another question is that how could I check my device has OMX components and
not only software decoders?
Do you mean that there are tools to check or I should check the device
source code?

Thank you!

Best regards,

2012/3/30 Rafaël Carré <funman at videolan.org>

> Le 2012-03-29 00:56, ScottLin a écrit :
> > The code is synced yesterday and I already uncommented OMXIL_EXTRA_DEBUG.
> >
> > with OMXIL_EXTRA_DEBUG, it would shows more info about the buffer status.
> > But since omx decoder is not chosen at the 1st place, there is no such
> > message in the log.
> >
> > Any other info could I provide?
> I was confused by:
> 03-29 12:22:00.116: W/vlc(5203): choose dll:libiomx.so
> which I expected to be libiomx-ics.so or libiomx-gingerbread.so
> In any case it means omx decoder is chosen but doesn't find a OMX
> component.
> My version lists all the components present, please check again that
> you're using vlc.git from today.
> Also make sure your device has OMX components and not only software
> decoders.
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