[vlc-devel] [PATCH] android compile.sh reordering

Philipp Dreimann philipp at dreimann.net
Wed May 9 11:20:33 CEST 2012


the compile.sh script currently fails the first time it is executed
because of this bug.

 Philipp Dreimann

diff --git a/compile.sh b/compile.sh
index 8c2d614..4851718 100755
--- a/compile.sh
+++ b/compile.sh
@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@ TESTED_HASH=5069692bfb
 if [ ! -d "vlc" ]; then
     echo "VLC source not found, cloning"
     git clone git://git.videolan.org/vlc.git vlc
+    cd vlc
     git checkout -B android ${TESTED_HASH}
     echo "Applying the patches"
-    cd vlc
     git am ../patches/*.patch
     echo "VLC source found"

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