[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] macosx: re-implement 'video-deco' support (close #6426)

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at gmail.com
Thu May 17 20:06:50 CEST 2012

Hi David,

On 17.05.2012, at 18:42, David Fuhrmann wrote:
>>     BOOL b_splitviewShouldBeHidden = NO;
>> +
>>     /* setup the styled interface */
>> +    b_video_deco = config_GetInt( VLCIntf, "video-deco" );
>> +    if (b_video_deco)
>> +        b_nonembedded = YES;
> Why do you set b_nonembeddded to yes here? This does not really make sense for me, b_nonembedded should be already set to the right value in setupVideoView.
I forgot to remove this statement prior to commit. Thanks for noticing.

>> -    self = [super initWithContentRect:contentRect styleMask:styleMask
>> +    b_video_deco = config_GetInt( VLCIntf, "video-deco" );
>> +    if (b_video_deco)
>> +        self = [super initWithContentRect:contentRect styleMask:styleMask
>>                               backing:backingType defer:flag];
>> +    else
>> +        self = [super initWithContentRect:contentRect styleMask:styleMask
>> +                                  backing:backingType defer:flag];
> There is no functional change here. And "b_video_deco = ..." should be moved to the beginning of the method (its already used above).
True. See above.

> Also, I noticed that you still see the fullscreen controller in fullscreen mode. Should that be also disabled in this mode?
No, this is the expected behavior in fullscreen mode. You can still disable the fspanel manually, if desired.

> Furthermore disabling video-deco and enabling lion fullscreen mode is not a good idea currently. Nonembedded window in conjunction with lion fullscreen is already blocked for the same reason (lion fullscreen is prioritized over nonembedded window here), therefore I would suggest to do the same for !(video-deco).
Absolutely. Lion's fullscreen mode is no good idea in general, but well.. I'll fix that in the next commit.

Thanks for your remarks!


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