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Rishie Sharma storfisken88 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 21:53:27 CET 2012

Hello :)
I wanted to be able to pause a video just be clicking the video but found
no such option in VLC and googled and only found posts of people requesting
the same feature or providing workarounds. For example:


But VLC is luckily open source so I figured I could just implement it
myself shouldn't be too hard. I thought about it if I should put it in
keyboard shortcuts but then I found that there's this limited support for
mouse gestures and I thought it could fit in there as an option. I
downloaded the 2.0.4 source code, and added an option for pausing with a
single mouse click (left, middle or right). Works great.

Then I thought I'd share it back to the community but in the latest git
code the gestures.c had been changed a lot and actually the mouse gestures
did not work at all for me. The latest version of gestures.c where the
mouse gestures still work for me is this version
half a year ago.

I tried changing as much as possible to the latest version while still
having working mouse gestures and what seems to break it is removing
RunIntf and using callbacks instead. I am running 64 bit arch linux etc can
provide more info if that is relevant. I haven't done any VLC developing so
I have no idea what the callbacks and RunIntf and stuff actually means so
my question is, do the mouse gestures work for you with the latest git
version and what do you think could be the problem for me?

Cheers :)
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