[vlc-devel] add VLC-android network manager

Edward Wang edward.c.wang at compdigitec.com
Tue Nov 13 21:46:23 CET 2012

On 12-11-13 11:48 AM, satish MR <satishmr123 at gmail.com> wrote:
> This patch will do:
> 1. Add network manager for VLC which is capable of informing 
> registered handlers on network state change.
> 2. Streaming sessions can use this to detect network disconnection in 
> middle and notify users.
I think the patch is overly complex and could be simplified. Why do we 
need a new class when we can just use the exisiting ConnectivityManager?

Also you're missing a whole bunch of protocols for the mIsNetworkStream 
(notably rtmp, rtp, icyx, httplive, ftp and udp).

endReached() should use stop() instead of endReached()

Quite frankly this and the HTTP authentication should be done by getting the output from LibVLC, but requires very good LibVLC skills.

		Edward Wang

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