[vlc-devel] Feature request: Support for sending in-band PPS/SPS information when doing RTP streaming of H264 videos in raw mode

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Fri Nov 30 23:29:33 CET 2012

Le jeudi 29 novembre 2012 10:36:25, Roman Levenstein a écrit :
> I did some research on forums and VLC mailing lists and found out that
> VLC used to support sending SPS and PPS in-band before 2010. But later
> this support was removed for some reason (why?). More over, it is not
> even possible to enable/disable it using a command-line option.

As far as I can read the logs, in-band SPS/PPS were removed much earlier:

commit a856e366bb0002005f3c7583dd5c0882a27057e0
Author: Derk-Jan Hartman <hartman at videolan.org>
Date:   Sat Oct 7 19:08:59 2006 +0000

    * Skip nal type 7 and 8 in RTP muxing.

But they were reintroduced a long time ago:

commit fd7b8945fd3ad3109684b9cc5d34e41efa597110
Author: Ilkka Ollakka <ileoo at videolan.org>
Date:   Sat Sep 8 09:11:56 2007 +0000

    QT 7.2 seems to handle PPS/SPS ok, so send them too.
    small typo to fix port-audio/video sending.

All supported VLC versions have in-band PPS and SPS.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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