[vlc-devel] localization file

Christoph Miebach christoph.miebach at web.de
Tue Oct 30 00:32:50 CET 2012


On 29.10.2012 20:24, Yacine Bouklif wrote:
> Hellow I would like to translate VLC media player in Kabyle and there is
> not a localization for my language. Please send me a localization file.

I'll quote Edward here:
You can find the .pot file to translate here: 

Save it as vlc.pot. You can find instructions on how to translate here: 

Use the software poEdit to edit the .pot file. You can find poEdit here: 

Save your modified file with all translations as kab.po (kab is the 
language code for Kabyle), and then send it to the translation 
co-coordinators, either xtophe (xtophe AT videolan.org) or No_se - 
christoph.miebach AT web.de (replace AT with @)

I could also offer you the choice of using transifex. You would have to 
create an account there and request the creation of a Kabyle team here 
(if you want to use transifex):


You could download the (empty) localization files there, if you prefer 
translating without it.



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