[vlc-devel] Add new methods to libvlc to record the current media

Mark Lee mark.lee at capricasoftware.co.uk
Mon Sep 3 18:52:17 CEST 2012

I had another go at resurrecting this patch to enable recording of the current media in libvlc.

The idea behind this patch is to be able to implement in libvlc apps the same functionality as the one-touch record button in the vlc QT user interface.

The main change in the new patch is to use the media player instance rather than the libvlc instance to coordinate the recording-finished event notification.

The new implementation searches the ancestors of the stream object looking for the media player instance.

I do not know if it is correct to do it like this since it gives some (limited) knowledge of the libvlc media player to the stream out record module. But I also do not know how else I could implement this functionality.

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