[vlc-devel] Exposing vlc supported file extensions/types.

Mark Lee mark.lee at capricasoftware.co.uk
Wed Sep 5 11:24:07 CEST 2012


Rather than maintaining my own possibly out of date copies of vlc supported
file extensions, I would like to get them via libvlc instead. The use case
is the same as for the file open dialog in the vlc application.

Presently these are defined like follows (truncated here for brevity) in

#define EXTENSIONS_AUDIO "*.3ga;*.669;*.a52;"
#define EXTENSIONS_VIDEO "*.3g2;*.3gp;*.3gp2;*.3gpp;*.amv;*.asf;*.avi;"
#define EXTENSIONS_PLAYLIST "*.asx;*.b4s;*.cue;*.ifo;*.m3u;*.m3u8;"
#define EXTENSIONS_SUBTITLE "*.cdg;*.idx;*.srt;"

So, in principle is this something more generally useful to include in

If so I will work on a patch to add it, but would first like some pointers
on what the API should look like for it to be acceptable.

The simplest approach is to have some static storage for those defined
strings and return them verbatim. Or, should they be tokenised from these
defines and returned in a string array, or some sort of list structure?

Would it be preferable to have one API method for each type (audio, video,
playlist etc), or a single method that takes a type parameter?

Or something else?

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