[vlc-devel] Pause streaming from the source and buffering to compensate

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Wed Sep 26 21:17:39 CEST 2012


Le mercredi 26 septembre 2012 00:25:35, LANGLOIS Olivier PIS -EXT a écrit :
> 1. How do you keep in sync dozens of clients when playback can be
> interrupted by async events beside doing it centrally? (network jittering
> and buffering are not really issues for us as we are in a LAN)

VLC has a "netsync" plugin. But it is hackish and its configuration is rather 

By default, there are no attempts to synchronize receivers.

> 2. Old vlc players (0.9.8) were not exhibiting this behavior when pausing
> streamer

Lots of stuff changed since versions 0.9. Unsurprisingly, accidental/unintended 
features do tend to break and change across releases.

> 3. Why vlc itself is allowing weird actions when used as a streamer?

Nobody cared to prevent it. Retrospectively, the VLC streaming output has been 
badly under-maintained ever since Laurent graduated and stopped working on it.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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