[vlc-devel] Macosx 64 bit npapi plugin help

Peter Martin peter.martin at tripleplay-services.com
Mon Apr 8 15:45:27 CEST 2013

Late last year Jean-Baptiste very kindly put together an almost working 
vlc npapi plugin for Mac osx platform for me to test, but there are a 
couple of outstanding issues which I would like help in resolving.

The most important is that when playing SD programmes from a multicast 
source all the programmes are shown as 4:3 even though the MPEG header 
says it should be 16:9. These streams play at 16:9 using the standard 
VLC application on my mac, pc and all other platforms as far as I can 
tell. HD streams are rendered correctly in16:9.

I have tried building the current git version 
(git://git.videolan.org/npapi-vlc.git) on a Macbook running10.7.5, using 
the shell script in extras/macosx/build-vlc.sh.

As far as I can tell, this builds the components but when I copy the 
npapi/VLC Plusgin.plugin/ to /Library/Internet Plugins directory it 
fails to run when I try to play a multicast stream, I just get a process 
running at 100% and a black screen. The version that JB provided runs, 
but has the above problems.  I am using the plugin in Safari 6.0.3.

Questions (from someone who is not an experienced Macosx developer, so 
apologies if I've missed something obvious)

Am I using the correct build procedure?
Is the git version I have got working for others on 64 bit Macs?
Is there another git repository I should be using?

Any help would be appreciated.



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