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Tue Aug 13 09:58:46 CEST 2013

Hello Konrad,

> On 12.08.2013, at 17:51, Konrad <mail at chernowii.com> wrote:
> Hello Felix.
> I am 14 years old, I know HTML, and a bit of c++.
> As you told me, if I write this on my webapp: vlc://www.myserver.com/mymediafiles/mycoolvideo.mp4 VLC iOS will open this video? wow.
Yes. If the user installed VLC, it will open and play the video. The user is presented a dialog first asking "hey, Safari wants to show this in VLC, continue?".
Note that playback is no longer in the browser context then.

> I went to git.videolan.org, so if I write the git of iOS VLC on a HTML site (dreamweaver?) I get all the code of VLC iOS?
No, you can read and download VLC's C and ObjC code from our git to compile and run it natively.

> I wrote this on my computer app: <embed type="application/x-vlc-plugin"
>          name="livestream"
>          autoplay="no" loop="yes" width="400" height="300"
>          target="" />
> <br />
>   <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.play()'>Play video1</a>
>   <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.pause()'>Pause video1</a>
>   <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.stop()'>Stop video1</a>
>   <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.fullscreen()'>Fullscreen</a>

Well, the issue is that Safari on iOS doesn't support browser plugins so we can't do a VLC plugin like we can do on desktops.
On iOS, you have 2 options:
- play the m3u8 HLS stream with QuickTime in the browser
- play the stream in VLC but keep in mind that it does not support HLS on iOS at the moment.

Best regards,

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