[vlc-devel] Browser Plugin debug question

Guy Perkins me at atdotmedotuk.me.uk
Sun Aug 18 20:34:27 CEST 2013


Sorry for the post on devs, but I have posted on forum and VLC list, without

There is an issue within the browser activex plugin on windoze platform,
where the full options list/array is not getting through to VLC when using
IE9 or IE10.

VLC will only respond to the first item in the array/list and not
recognise/receive the others.

All compatibility modes within IE9 & IE10 make no difference. (same on 32 &
64 bit)

So, is there a way to run the plugin in a debug mode or to examine what the
VLC plugin is receiving from the browser?


EG - The following is an example where the VLC plugin running in IE9 & IE10
will only respond to the first item. (it will ignore the bandwidth, sub
track and no audio, but previous IE versions will be fine)

var myoptions = new
vlc.playlist.add("dvb-t://frequency=456789000", "fancy name", myoptions);


If somebody wants a little sponsored work on this at a reasonable rate, feel
free to respond.





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