[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/3] nVidia affinity

David R Robison drrobison at openroadsconsulting.com
Tue Aug 27 15:38:12 CEST 2013

We have an application that embeds multiple VLC windows to play up to 48 
videos on a single workstation. To achieve this performance we want to 
be able to balance the GPU load across multiple nVidia graphics cards. 
This patch introduces a new command line argument that allows the user 
to set the nVidia card affinity for a VLC player.

  modules/video_output/Modules.am |    6 +++---
  1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
  mode change 100644 => 100755 modules/video_output/Modules.am

diff --git a/modules/video_output/Modules.am 
old mode 100644
new mode 100755
index 7efe10a..6037efe
--- a/modules/video_output/Modules.am
+++ b/modules/video_output/Modules.am
@@ -117,14 +117,14 @@ endif

  libglwin32_plugin_la_SOURCES = msw/glwin32.c opengl.c opengl.h \
      msw/common.c msw/common.h msw/events.c msw/events.h
-libglwin32_plugin_la_CFLAGS = $(AM_CFLAGS)
-libglwin32_plugin_la_LIBADD = $(AM_LIBADD) -lopengl32 -lgdi32 -lole32 
+libglwin32_plugin_la_CFLAGS = $(AM_CFLAGS)
+libglwin32_plugin_la_LIBADD = $(AM_LIBADD) -lglew32 -lopengl32 -lgdi32 
-lole32 -luuid
  libvlc_LTLIBRARIES += $(LTLIBglwin32)
  EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES += libglwin32_plugin.la

  libwingdi_plugin_la_SOURCES = msw/wingdi.c \
      msw/common.c msw/common.h msw/events.c msw/events.h
-libwingdi_plugin_la_CFLAGS = $(AM_CFLAGS)
+libwingdi_plugin_la_CFLAGS = $(AM_CFLAGS) -DGLEW_STATIC
  libwingdi_plugin_la_LIBADD = $(AM_LIBADD) -lgdi32 -lole32 -luuid
  if HAVE_WIN32
  libvlc_LTLIBRARIES += libwingdi_plugin.la

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