[vlc-devel] MPEG-DASH and the likes

Frédéric Yhuel yhuelf at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 18:12:34 CEST 2013

Thank you Rémi, Ilkka and j-b!

Ok I'll fix up Smooth Streaming and then we'll see.

>> I was thinking to set aside some time to work again on Smooth
>> Streaming module: first to debug it, then to finish the move from
>> stream_filter to demux, or even a complete rewrite as a "single" demux
>> (as opposed to a chained demux).
> The VLC core is almost ready to support threaded demuxers. There is still
> some problem with SET_PAUSE though.

Ok, I did not even understand that VLC core used to not support
threaded demuxers, but that is good news anyway :-)

By "threaded demuxer", you mean something like for ex. a demux with
main thread and input thread? Or am I completely off track?

Best regards,

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