[vlc-devel] Add localization for Kannada language

Christoph Miebach christoph.miebach at web.de
Wed Dec 11 23:29:45 CET 2013


Am 10.12.2013 17:22, schrieb Tejas jain:
> I would like to do add localization for Kannada (KN) language. please
> provide me localization file.

There is some work on Kannada, already.

Since collaborative work on the same file is rather difficult when using
an "edit locally, email to co-translator" approach, I recommend you use

You would have to create an account there (it's gratis) and request to
join the Kannada team here:


Some hints for that:

There also exists a mailing list dedicated to translation:
translators at videolan.org

Feel free to contact me or this mailing list with any questions
regarding translations.

Best regards


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