[vlc-devel] VLC android: H.264 decoder artefacts without hardware acceleration

Ralf Globisch rglobisch at csir.co.za
Wed Dec 18 05:44:05 CET 2013

Hi VLC developers,

I'm not sure who can help us further but we have run into the following
issue when playing RTSP streams using a
recent VLC release for Android (revision bf900b31 - 2013-11-27).

The H.264 decoder does not decode the Baseline Profile correctly without
the "Hardware acceleration" preference ON.
Using a Nexus 4, Samsung S2, Sony Xperia connecting to the following stream

the decoding errors can be observed. With the "Hardware acceleration"
preference OFF, accumulated drift errors may be
observed in the video. With the "Hardware acceleration" preference ON these
artefacts are not observed.

These errors were not apparent using older versions of the VLC for Android.
However I'm not sure however if hardware
acceleration was always turned off by default as it is now.

- Has anyone else noticed this issue?

- If I recall correctly VLC uses libavcodec to decode H.264. is this true
whether hardware acceleration is used or not?

- Any ideas/pointers on how to proceed to track this down would be

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