[vlc-devel] live555: default video frame size

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sat Dec 28 15:37:26 CET 2013

Le samedi 28 décembre 2013, 15:27:08 Gilles Chanteperdrix a écrit :
> A "wild guess" on the reassembled full frames size is to use the decoded
> frame size, on the basis that an encoded frame is usually smaller than
> its decoded counter part, and if it is not (which really, should not
> happen often), vlc can resort to doubling the size as it currently doe.
> The current approach of vlc: using a fixed size, results in corrupted
> video when vlc has to double the buffer. A large enough size to cope
> with all possible video sizes, will result in a frame too large for
> small resolutions, whereas using a frame size proportional to the image
> size will scale nicely and be future proof (since 4K for instance).

That does not explain why you need to guess that (fictitious) value in the first 

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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