[vlc-devel] VLC technical meetings at FOSDEM

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Sun Feb 3 20:33:40 CET 2013

On 03 Feb, François Revol wrote :
> Would it be possible to get a report for those not attending ? :)

There might be a longer summary soon, if my memory is too incomplete.
However these are the main points (from my memory)

* 2.0.6 will get released as soon as libdvdnav is forked (this week) and
  planar audio is backported.

* 2.1.0 feature freeze target is at the end of February, and might be
  pushed back but no further than the end of March.

* 2.1.0 will be named 2.1.0

* 2.1 is still missing:
  - Jack port to new API (funman+etix)
  - DSound port to new API (TypX)
  - KAI port to new API (KO)
  - Device plug/unplug API (Rem)
  - libVLC logging API fixes (not 100% sure) (Rem)
  - Simple downmixer rewrite (jb)
  - Audio device remapping for Windows (TypX+jb)
  - Qt and cocoa fixes (d-fu)
  - S/PDIF testing (jb+Alex, d-fu)
  - Subtitles search (...)

* aout_Packet might be removed this release, if possible.

* After 2.1, we will try to move to a shorter release cycle. Probably
  first 6 months, and then try to target something shorter, like 4 or 3.

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