[vlc-devel] Project: Video Barcodes for VLC

Denis Charmet typx at dinauz.org
Wed Feb 6 17:26:57 CET 2013


Le mercredi 06 février 2013 à 04:03:12, Sebastian Morr a écrit :
> Currently, it displays an externally-generated image (see shell script
> below). Next step is to generate it inside VLC - I stumbled around in
> the source for a few days now, but I got lost. I kindly ask for a few
> pointers:

Hold on, if you expect to generate it at play time... you're gonna have a
bad time. This implies to read the *whole* file, decode pictures every 1
second, which mean seeking, more decoding since you have no way to tell
that you'll have 1 keyframe each second. For the record I've come
accross files that have 7s GOP and more. And vlc is not smart enough to
stay at his position if it already is inside his gop (which is a good
idea to implement but that's another story). If the decoding/encoding
performances weren't a bottleneck, reading file that can be 8GB will
take a *lot* of time. People already complain about the fontcache
creation. If you want to add the generation, prepare to deal with a lot
of hatred.

Of course your alternative would be to use the picture already decoded
but it will need picture duplication, resizing and then addition and the
timecode will only show picture already played.


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