[vlc-devel] Adding Additional Features in VLC

Ronak Mundra ronakmundra.bits at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 10:32:25 CET 2013

Dear sir,

First of all thanks for developing such a good media player.
I am big fan of this player and wants to contribute in growth story of it.
Following are my ideas:

1) I thinks the media player lacks one essential feature of saving the
last few playlists it played. So I am thinking of making a module
which saves the last few playlists. Optionally we could give the
option to save the playlist as soon as the users presses quit

2) At present the VLC's feature of playing random songs is totally
random, which I think quite annoying sometime because few songs may be
played again and again.
So I am thinking to make the list psedo random, which works like this:
When a playlist is made, all songs have equal priority so a random
song is played. After this the priority of this song is decreased and
the songs which with highest priority are chosen at random. This
procedure will overcome the repetition of songs.
This process is inspired by FAIR SHARE SCHEDULING ALGORITHM.

Looking forward for your response at the earliest.

My introduction : I am junior currently studying Computer Science in
BITS Pilani in India.

Thanking You
Ronak Mundra

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