[vlc-devel] Feature suggestion

zemanm17 at fel.cvut.cz zemanm17 at fel.cvut.cz
Thu Feb 21 16:02:09 CET 2013

Hi fellow developers,

I'm a student at Czech Technical University in Prague and I'm attending a class called  "Open source programming".
As a part of this course I'm supposed to participate in a open source project of my choice. And I have chosen the VLC player.

I have a small idea for a GUI improvement. I don't particularly like the GUI that takes care of shifting subtitles that are
out of sync. I find it consufing from a user's standpoint and sometimes struggle with it myself. My suggestion is a
simple visualisation which would make it clear which is ahead (video or subtitles). 

Please, let me know what you think.



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