[vlc-devel] [PATCH] access: add rfb/vnc viewonly module.

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Sun Feb 24 20:38:30 CET 2013

Le 21/02/2013 19:32, Rémi Denis-Courmont a écrit :
>> The fake+8bpp remoteosd filter trick being not sufficient and
accessible to
>> average user.
> Yes. Please remove it in a separate patch.

Can't: Not intended for the same use.

>> +#define DEMUX_TAG (void *)0x1
> This is wrong and will cause a warning on 64-bits platforms.

Wants a (void *) tag.
"makes pointer from integer without a cast"

>> +
>> +    float f_fps;
>> +    int i_frame_interval;
>> +    mtime_t i_starttime;
> This is not needed. Worse, it will prevent synchronizing with live
> slave inputs.

Still needed for computing DEMUX_GET_TIME.

>> +    return var_InheritString( p_demux, CFG_PREFIX "password"
> Looks leaky.

Managed by libvnc.

> For the umpteenth time. Please don't do arbitrary wakeups.
> If you need to sleep in an access_demux, use your own thread (e.g. V4L2).

I assume then that demux_t->pf_demux() isn't called its own separate thread.

>> +    p_sys->p_client->MallocFrameBuffer = mallocFrameBufferHandler;
> Most probably the whole point of this callback is to avoid raw picture
> copying. Please avoid memory copying then.

Problem is the framebuffer is built incrementally.
I've change the way it is handled, but ended with a block_Duplicate...

Thought also about overriding block pf_release to use a unique or dual
fb, but it wouldn't be able to synchronize writes and caching would
provide stalled screen.


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