[vlc-devel] #2568- files to be studied.

Naveen Narayanan princeofdarkness4444 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 05:37:46 CET 2013

      I am having a problem with programming. I just can't understand why
certain functions are used. It could be because i don't know about the
architecture and i haven't been exposed to any such environment before.

So which are the files that i should learn for defining hotkeys for
changing the subtitle size. I know about keys.c, hotkeys.c and
where can i find documentation on what vlc does to use subtitles. And how
it displays it.? Please help. what other related documents should i learn. ?

I wish i could start from the basics as it would be more digestible for me.
I just can't jump into the programming part directly without understanding
the code related to it. Please help.
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