[vlc-devel] Sample libvlc based player on OSX

yoanis at 2burbujas.net yoanis at 2burbujas.net
Thu Jan 3 07:43:03 CET 2013

Hello there list,

I'm trying to put together an app which uses libvlc to play video files.
The app should initially work on OSX (Lion and Mountain Lion) and it's
being developed using QT (version 4.8.1).

After struggling a bit to find some running code I came across this:


(the ticket itself can be ignored, I just took the sample app borrowed).
However when I run my code my application crashes, with no other message

The program has unexpectedly finished.



you will find the video widget which is supposed to play a video file.
Also, here:


you will find the Apple Crash Report, which seems to point that the issue
is related to the NSView object where the video is displayed.

According to this:


one should use the QMacCocoaViewContainer, but I'm not really sure how to
use it.  I would appreciate any hint or reference to working code.



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