[vlc-devel] probably bug in vlc-2.0.5-win32.exe - again snatchy sound for mp3 files

Oliver HeldOlli at gmx.de
Fri Jan 4 05:45:37 CET 2013

Hello Rémi Denis-Courmont,

Am 03.01.2013 22:48, schrieb Rémi Denis-Courmont:
> Le jeudi 3 janvier 2013 18:21:05, Oliver a écrit :
>> Can you fix it again, please.
> Sure, what fix was it, please?

Sorry, I can not help you with that internal information. I am just a 
normal VLC user. Maybe I should not had posted it on 'vlc-devel'. :-) 
The only thing I can do is sending/uploading you two sound snippets: One 
expected and one snatchy. But only in very bad smartphone quality.

Two years ago I just wrote the eMail and installed every new released 
version beginning from 1.1.6. Someday it worked (v1.1.11). I assume 
somebody fixed the issue. I did not get any answer on my eMail two years 
ago. I am not registered to any mailing list. *shame on me*


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