[vlc-devel] Implementing feature "old-movie" video-effect

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Thu Jan 24 16:57:36 CET 2013

Le jeudi 24 janvier 2013 08:45:55, Alexander Terentyev a écrit :
> Hello.
> I am a student of last course. At now I am implementing feature "old-movie"
> video-effect for all of us and my course work.
> At now I am implementing next features:
>  * take out sepia-functions in separate file
>  * add new module
>  * noise algorithm for YUV packed video
>  * scratches algorithm for YUV packed video

Why are you starting with packed YUV?
Most video codecs are decoded to planar YUV.

> I am planed implement latest features:
>  * vignetting frame
>  * noise and scratches for RGB and I420 packed video

There is no such a thing as "I420 packed". Packed formats cannot support 
vertical subsampling anyway.

>  * add in GUI settings for video-effect
>  * and optimize code
> Who could supervise me at this path?

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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