[vlc-devel] Airplay Streaming - GSoC 2013 Idea

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    Hey Arnav,  are you one working on Airplay Streaming as a Student

   or as a Mentor??

   I am asking as I want to consult with this topic as a Student.

   Thank you !!*

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> Hi guys,
> From the description on the ideas wiki, I inferred that it was from VLC on
> Android, or desktops to any AirPlay devices (such as AirPort Express, Apple
> TV or a shairport deployment). Since the possibilities are endless, maybe
> we can define a subset of server client combinations and look at them one
> by one for the GSoC project.
> I was researching on the things already out there and here are the
> findings.
> 1. There are many AirPort enabled android media players, such as Twonky. I
> tried a few of them (the free ones). And they work for the most part, but
> are a bit stop-start in places.
> (I have a setup where my speakers are connected to an AirPort Express.
> This is what I planned to used for my testing. The response wasn't so
> smooth on a shairport deployment though. I couldn't manage to make these
> Android apps stream to my shairport deployment. I'm working on seeing why
> that is the case and all update once I figure something out.)
> 2. I'm still looking for an open source Android app which has implemented
> AirPlay (to stream to an AirPlay device). Will try to work something out
> from there.
> 3. There is an app called AirBubble which can be used to stream audio to
> an android device from an AirPort client. I'm looking for more such apps
> and hopefully I will find something open source.
> Any suggestions? Let me know!
> Thanks a lot!
> Regards,
> Arnav
> References
> 1. Twonky -
> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pv.twonkyremote&hl=en
> 2. AirBubble -
> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bubblesoft.android.airbubble
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