[vlc-devel] rookie question - saving playlist via command line

don chito chito2ras at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 1 00:19:35 CET 2013

Hello everyone,
I'm new to vlc, but I'm enjoying interacting with the app via command line.Please forward me to the proper discussion group, if my question is too "basic" for this forum (in which case, my apologies).
Is there a command line option equivalent to what "Media\Save Playlist to File" does on the UI?
I would like to launch a DVD and save it's info into an extension xspf file.So far, I've only learned how to launch the DVD from the disk drive..."vlc.exe -vv --extraintf=export dvdsimple:///d:/"
regretfully, have not found any examples online or instructions in the wiki on how to achieve this.
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