[vlc-devel] [RFCv2] restoring compatibility with older libavcodec

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Mar 12 14:30:16 CET 2013

This is a second proposal to restore compat to older libavcodec versions,
adding missing definitions, without touching the new working code for lavc 55
This makes it compile and work on debian testing and sid

This second revision introduce a header for compatibility and allows to remove
some clutter ifdef from the main code

[PATCH 1/7] Revert "avcodec: remove support for old versions"
[PATCH 2/7] Restore compatibility with older libavcodec versions than
[PATCH 3/7] Configure: allow older versions for libavcodec
[PATCH 4/7] libav*: create a new avcommon_compat.h file for backward
[PATCH 5/7] Avcodec: create an avcodec_alloc_context3 replacement for
[PATCH 6/7] Avcodec: provide a replacement for avcodec_open2 for
[PATCH 7/7] avcodec: provide an alias for older libavcodec versions

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