[vlc-devel] GSoC2013 Idea - AirPlay Streaming - Status

Arnav Kumar arnavkumar24 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 23:24:08 CET 2013

Hi guys,

I finally managed to compile VLC for iOS. I ran into some road-blocks while compiling and it took longer than I expected.

I'll now explore the options available and study AirPlay a bit more closely and see where to go from there. I'll also look around to see how this knowledge plus the other resources (pointed out by others on the mailing list earlier) can be used for the main project. I've also been exploring androidvlc, which is the main focus of the project.

Thanks for all the support so far. I hope to make better progress from now on. I'm still in the baby steps phase but hopefully in the weeks to come and before the students' proposal period, I'd have a better idea of how to go about this.


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