[vlc-devel] I'm facing two problems when building recent VLC nightly snapshots

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 10:11:13 CET 2013

> That's expected and the rationale is given in the error message.
> Why using contrib and not system lua though?

Even when I force 'configure' to use the system Lua (v5.2.1), I still get
that error message.

I just added the following two lines to the list of flags that are sent to
the 'configure' script:

LUA=/usr/bin/lua \
> LUAC=/usr/bin/luac

Below is the output I received.  It looks like VLC is demanding to use the
Lua from contrib.

checking for LUA... yes
> checking for /usr/bin/luac... /usr/bin/luac
> configure: error: You need 32-bits luac when using using lua from contrib.

> ffmpeg version?

My system has FFmpeg v1.1.3 installed.  Is that good enough or must it be
more recent?
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