[vlc-devel] Video Time does not match Reported Time

Eric Montellese emontellese at gmail.com
Thu May 2 19:44:24 CEST 2013

Hello folks,

I have been working with libvlc and have run into a bug.

I've found that if I pause, and then call
there is a visual jump in the video.

This seems to indicate that the time onscreen after a pause is not equal to
the reported time from getTime().  Worst-case scenario would be that the
reported times are *never* frame accurate (not just in pause).

The application I am developing requires that the timestamps reported are
frame-accurate (the application is for analyzing scientific data).  To try
and have frame-accurate times I am making the setTime(getTIme()) call as a
workaround, but then the visual shift makes frame-accurate analysis of the
videos very cumbersome for users.

Is anyone familiar with this issue, or can you point me to the right parts
of the code to investigate regarding this issue?  I am an experienced C and
video developer, but I do not know the vlc internals at all yet.

In addition, does anyone have a good test clip that contains an embedded
frame-accurate timestamp that I could get a copy of?

Thank You,
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