[vlc-devel] howto reduce latency

mdrslmr mdrslmr at online.de
Sat Nov 2 11:43:22 CET 2013


I'm using vlc/vlm as streaming server. Vlc/vlm introduces
some latency of approximately 1 to 1.5 seconds. Do you
have a hint how to reduce this latency?

In more detail:
I have several IP cameras and one decoder with an attached monitor.
A java application controls which of the IP cameras
is displayed via the decoder. Vlc/vlm provides the software API
actually controlling the streams via "--intf rc". The command line
looks like this:

vlc -I dummy --intf rc --extraintf telnet --sout-keep --network-caching 50 --live-caching 0 --no-audio --no-sout-audio

The decoder always gets the stream from vlc. The camera streamed by vlc
is selected by the java application by issuing e.g. "control canera1 play"
via the rc interface.

The attached file is similar to the configuration I use.

Any ideas on how to reduce the latency or other improvements?

For comparison: when bypassing vlc and linking a IP camera to the decoder by
some static configuration the latency almost not noticeable.

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# vlc version 2.0.3-5~bpo60+2
# invocation
# /usr/bin/vlc -I dummy --intf rc --extraintf telnet --sout-keep --network-caching 50\
# --live-caching 0 --no-audio --no-sout-audio

new camera1 broadcast enabled
setup camera1 input "rtsp://<user>:<pwd>@hcamera1.example.org/MediaInput/h264"
setup camera1 output #gather:rtp{dst=myvideodecoder.example.org,port=6004}
setup camera1 option sout-keep
setup camera1 option input-repeat=-1

new camera2 broadcast enabled
setup camera2 input "rtsp://<user>:<pwd>@camera2.example.org/MediaInput/h264"
setup camera2 output #gather:rtp{dst=myvideodecoder.example.org,port=6004}
setup camera2 option sout-keep
setup camera2 option input-repeat=-1

new camera3 broadcast enabled
setup camera3 input "rtsp://<user>:<pwd>@camera3.example.org/MediaInput/h264"
setup camera3 output #gather:rtp{dst=myvideodecoder.example.org,port=6004}
setup camera3 option sout-keep
setup camera3 option input-repeat=-1

new camera4 broadcast enabled
setup camera4 input "rtsp://<user>:<pwd>@camera4.example.org/MediaInput/h264"
setup camera4 output #gather:rtp{dst=myvideodecoder.example.org,port=6004}
setup camera4 option sout-keep
setup camera4 option input-repeat=-1

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