[vlc-devel] Matroska, libopus and loophole in the spec

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at xiph.org
Thu Nov 14 21:10:58 CET 2013

Denis Charmet wrote:
> * For end trimming I don't have any sample with that but according to
>    Mosu if there is DiscardPadding, then there is a duration so it should
>    be good.

The canonical .opus example is 
(see the bottom of <http://www.opus-codec.org/docs/> for links to other 
test files).

It would be great if someone could make a MKV version of this file.

> In any case, the patch has been sent to the ML and is waiting for
> reviews/comments.

Yes, I'm behind on all sorts of reviews. Now that I'm back from 
IETF/TPAC, I'll try to catch up.

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