[vlc-devel] error linking with libvlc-qt-widgets.so

Freddy Martinez Garcia freddy311082 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 19:17:09 CET 2013

Hello for everybody

I've download the vlc-qt from this git repo:

I'm using Qt5 and I'm trying to run this example
http://derekmolloy.ie/custom-video-streaming-player-using-libvlc-and-qt/ which
is makeing with Qt5

the problem is that I don't know how compile the vlc-qt for Qt5 because
when I run my cmake-gui for configure vlc-qt library I have the following

VLC-Qt: Build with Qt4

VLC-Qt: Build with Widgets: ON

VLC-Qt: Build statically: OFF

Found LibVLC include-dir path: /usr/include

Found LibVLC library path:/usr/lib64/libvlc.so

Found LibVLCcore library path:/usr/lib64/libvlccore.so

VLC-Qt: You are compiling libvlc-qt 0.10.0

Git Version Patch: 3442f41

VLC-Qt: Build tests: OFF

Configuring done

and I can't find where specify to vlc-qt that I need the compilation for
qt5... I'm using Archlinux with KDE 4.10 and I have installed both, Qt5 and
Qt4, because the systema use Qt4 for KDE 4.11.3 and I use Qt5 for make my

my libvlc versio is 2.1 and my vlc-qt version is 0.8.1

Does someone know about it or has used Qt5 with vlc-qt ???

best regards



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