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Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne at videolan.org
Wed Nov 20 19:23:29 CET 2013

Hey Max,

On 12.11.2013, at 19:43, Max Fredriksson <thewoobie at me.com> wrote:

> Hi guys your doing a awesome job,

thanks a lot!

> here are some features id love to see in vlc for mac.

Please file future ideas on our bug and feature tracker is a this is a development mailing list. You can find it here: https://trac.videolan.org/vlc by clicking on "OpenID", you can also login with your Google or Yahoo ID so you don't need to sign up.

> 1: i can’t stand that the new mavericks can’t use lc in fullscreen mode and not use the new api for multiple screens, maybe I’m interested in what am actor/actress in named or what ever id love to be able to use vlc fullscreen on one display but still be able to use the other one at the same time.

Disable "native fullscreen" in the interface settings of VLC to get the old fullscreen behavior back. If you don't want VLC to black your 2nd screen, go to the "Video" category and disable "Black screens", too.

> 2: this is a big one which u had before i know and its having mutable windows for different movies/pictures/musik. 

This is impossible to do due to the way VLC is designed. It would require major changes to the decoding and playback architecture, so I fear that this won't happen any time soon. However, you never know what the future will bring :-)

> keep doing a great job and i hope to see some of this implemented in the future 

Enjoy using VLC!

Best regards,


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