[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/9] Support Media Enhancement Data (Events and Annotations) - compilation

Roiy Shpaner roiy at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Oct 4 21:18:49 CEST 2013

Thanks for letting me know JB, I've split the patch to 9 components.


Here is the first part: Compilation changes.


All related information is still below.




From: Roiy Shpaner [mailto:roiy at cs.umanitoba.ca] 
Sent: October-03-13 1:37 PM
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Subject: [PATCH] Support Media Enhancement Data (Events and Annotations)


Hey all,


I've finally had a chance to rebase my work so far and create a patch. 


In case you haven't seen my presentation on VDD,  my work extends VLC to
support event tagging and annotations for media.

It then allows viewers to use this data to play the media in a personalized
and more powerful way. 

Users can see what is in the file before playing it and they are able to
select different layers of events to play automatically as well as navigate
between them easily.




This work is NOT finished, but I submit it here per JB's recommendation for
a preliminary review - to learn about critical design issues as soon as

I still have quite a few things to do for the (sufficiently) finished code:

1)      Feature enable menu option.

2)      Metadata slider / normal input slider integration.

3)      Improve event creation mechanics (change the markers, fix bugs, make
it more convenient to edit an event)

4)      Finalize some design decisions (Should manual seeking supersede auto
jumping or is the disable auto jump button good enough, finalize file format

5)      Improve efficiency (don't demux using the new slave all the time,
only when needed)

6)      Polish the look - I think the events window can be vastly improved,
nicer buttons, better resize behavior etc.

7)      Bug fixing (a crash when closing the player after switching videos,
several smaller issues)

8)      Clean up - duplicate code, debugging statements, some renaming.


But if I could get any other constructive comments you can think of here or
privately, that would be great.



-          The Create / Edit / Delete buttons are pretty straightforward as
you may have seen in VDD.

-          Any modifications are not saved to the file (but are still used
while the current file is still playing) unless you use the Save button! So
do it often.

-          Currently the player looks for a .med file in the same directory
and same filename as the media file being played.

-          Click on the Event Layers window to see all available metadata
and select what you wish to add to/remove from playback. (and open
Annotations window to view annotations.)

-          I've put some example files to get you started in:

-          You may need to add the necessary buttons manually (Event layers,
Annotations, AutoJump, previous and next event skips, and Events Editor) ,
or alternatively use the vlc-qt-interface.ini file that I have in the link


Finally, this is my first time submitting here so something must have been
wrong (J), just let me know.



Roiy Shpaner

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