[vlc-devel] strange behavior: with sub sources I can show custom marquee while playing YET not in transcode section?!

Konrad mail at chernowii.com
Sat Oct 12 17:59:40 CEST 2013

Instead of using .PY, you can record vlc's canvas:
I tell you how to in MACOS: (I think is the same for windows and LinuxGNU)
1.Play the HTTP video
2.Put the Logo and text
3.Playback > record (ALT + CMD + R)
4. when finished, stop recording.
Now, you get a Video File with logo and text.
Hope this helps
El 12/10/2013, a las 15:59, XYZFounder escribió:

> NOW; when I want to have an http output created I need somehow sub
> source to be in my transcode part, but it only shows the raw mp4 video
> (no logo nor text) instead then :(

Konrad Iturbe

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