[vlc-devel] Latest vlc-contrib-i586-mingw32msvc-latest.tar.bz2

Steven Tang tang1013 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 22:44:47 CEST 2013

Hello Guys,
I'm working on VLC to add EVRC support, I downloaded libAV99 and added EVRC
support to it,
I build a Linux version VLC-Player and which is playing the video with EVRC
sound track without
problem, anyway, when I build Win32 version, it didn't pickup the new AV99
under /usr/local, instead, it download the mingw32msvc-latest tarball from
VideoLan, this package is pretty old and it doesn't have EVRC definition,
then I merged the head file(avcode.h etc), libs with my new AV99 one and
repackage it, now the complain of AV_CODEC_ID_EVRC disappear, but I met
many undefined reference issue, looks like the new libavcodec.a didn't get
picked up

any suggestion will be grateful.
My env is Ubuntu 10.4 under VMware.

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