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Tue Oct 15 21:33:24 CEST 2013

Good afternoon,

  I must stream an audio file from a PC to an embedded system. On the PC I use VLC (unicast, UDP and RTP are used) and on my embedded system a load, say X, that I wrote. Currently, the RTP processing is implemented in X but not RTCP processing. I dont need RTCP because of the private network I use.
 But I dont want VLC stops to work because X does not send RTCP report. So is it possible to disable RTCP in VLC? If yes, how? Can you suggest a command line?

  Currently VLC sends a RTCP report to X. I see that because I use Wireshark to sniff the communication between the 2 systems. I use the GUI of VLC. I select File->Stream, then the destination "RTP Audio/Video profile" and port 5004, no transcoding.

Thank you

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