[vlc-devel] Some questions about VLC display subtitles

wayu002 wayu002 at sina.com
Fri Oct 18 05:03:43 CEST 2013

hi all,

Now, i want to develop a player around the libvlc, but i found some situations the vlc cannot sync the subtitles with video:
1. When you skip forward or backward the video, you will found the subtitles have a little latency, about 1 second, after the latency the subtitles show and sync correctly.

2. When you pause the video, and skip forward or backward, the subtitles cannot show with the position changed, they totally disappear from the video.

I have test with the VLC player, from version 1.9 to 2.2 both have the problem , can anybody tell me how to solve the problem? thanks a lot!!

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