[vlc-devel] Information about "imem" module

Marco Virgulti marco.virgulti at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 09:02:46 CEST 2013

Excuse me and forgive me for my bad english first of all....

I'm an italian student and I'm working on VLC for an exam. I've used
successfully libvlc and in particular VLM extensions in my application (
a simple streaming server ); now the next step is to stream data
directly from my memory instead of files. To be clearer, I would like to
use the structure above (streaming server) based on VLC core but I want
to feed it with a data stream (audio PCM) from the application; an
example is like to stream a local generated sounds etc.
My first idea was to write an access module but it can be an hard task
for me at the moment, I should study much more ! (and i will).  After
dowloading the entire VLC source code tree I found among the modules an
interesting one, "imem" that should do what I need ( I read the source
code of module and it seems to be ok for my porpouses).

I have some problems with it...it doesn't play the track; my test
application for this module simply open a file and pass it inside the
imem_get callback and set some data during the creation of libvlc
instance. I used a generic MP3 track.

Thanks in advice.

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