[vlc-devel] Fwd: [PATCH] Using base subtitle filename instead of Track 'N'

Stuart McMahon stuartlmcmahon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 15:12:30 CEST 2013

> Sure, but is should only match FILENMAME.xx.srt or FILENAME.xxx.srt

That sort of implementation might be out of my depth. Some points to
think about:

1 - What about the case where there is no code, eg. FILENAME.srt? (use
2 - What if there are two FILENMAME.EN.srt files, one in Subs/ and one
next to the video file? Without a relative path to the filename the
user still won't know which subtitle file is being used.
3 - Surely a filename is better than the seemingly random Track 'N'?

In my dream implementation I would like to see the language and
description reversed, allowance for any length country (not just 2 or
3 chars), never Track 'N', and a relative path from the video file to
the subtitle being used. Eg:

English - Description of embedded English subtitles
Default - [FILENAME.srt]
English - [FILENAME.English.srt]
English - [PREFIXFILENAME.English.srt]
English with commentary - [Subs/FILENAMEEnglish with commentary.srt]

But this would require some path manipulation functions and reworking
of the subtitle layout which I wasn't about to attempt on my first


Stuart McMahon.

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