[vlc-devel] build contribs on windows with MSYS2

Hannes Domani ssbssa at yahoo.de
Fri Aug 8 13:51:26 CEST 2014


Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb at videolan.org> schrieb am 9:09 Freitag, 8.August 2014:
> Of course, this is a bit too intrusive to be applied as is.
> Maybe some easy part can be merged?

I never thought that this would be applied.
But I still tried to make it portable, most parts check for mingw (or WIN32).

There are a few things where I wonder how this works even with cross-compiling.
- glew: the linking of glew32.dll (by default LD=ld).
- qt: I had to specify "-no-freetype -no-fontconfig",
  because it always tried to use the system freetype
  (that was compiled for the contribs as well), but it's not in the Qt*.pc
  and thus never linked into the qt-plugin.
  Are freetype and fontconfig needed in qt for vlc?
- I added CC_FOR_BUILD=gcc to the HOSTTOOLS because when not set,
  it defaults to $(CC).

> > One thing I noticed, it seems not all of the contribs are compiled with optimization enabled.
> > Is this intentional, or did I miss something?
> Like which?

The list is rather long, every package which doesn't optimize by default:
cddb, dvdcss, dvdnav, dvdread, faad2, flac, fontconfig, fribidi, gettext,
gmp, gnutls, goom, harfbuzz, iconv, ...

Should I have specified -O2/-O3 somewhere when compiling the contribs?

Domani Hannes

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