[vlc-devel] Input MainLoop deadline

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Thu Jan 2 02:27:32 CET 2014

Le 14/10/2013 20:03, Francois Cartegnie a écrit :
> In case of large amounts sent by demuxer, that delay can be quite high,
> and higher than intf or stats update time.
> Can't have a way to always set i_deadline = to min of i_intf_update,
> i_statistic_update, or i_wakeup ?

I'm back on that one.

We can't just use the min() values;
Because MainLoopInterface calls demuxer, it won't correctly update
GET_TIME/POSITION/LENGTH, as they still are at demux position, not
playback time.

One fix is done at ES_OUT_SET_TIMES level which removes the buffering
value from the GET_TIME, when buffering. But this doesn't updates
POSITION or LENGTH. We'll always have strange behavior in UI regarding
position and time then.

I guess a way to deal with this would be to track position on blocks
accordingly (pts being already time), but is that doable by design ?


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