[vlc-devel] High network delay effect on vlc 2.1/2.2

Gilles Chanteperdrix gilles.chanteperdrix at xenomai.org
Thu Jan 2 08:52:41 CET 2014


I am developing a server which streams video using the RTP protocol, so
where the video frames presentation timestamps are known independently
of the network jitter, but the packets are received with fluctuating
delays in the hundreds of milliseconds range, though below the network
buffer duration.

My problem is that, whether this works with vlc 2.0, this causes vlc 2.1
and 2.2 to alternatively accelerate and slow down the video, which
results in a jerky video.

My question is now: is this a use case the vlc project considers should
be supported by vlc? Or is this out of the vlc scope?



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