[vlc-devel] What's the best framwork to implement the DASH module in VLC

Christopher Mueller christopher.mueller at itec.aau.at
Thu Jan 9 11:43:22 CET 2014

Hi Yunhui Fu,

sounds nice I would be curious to see the code ;). MPEG is currently 
specifying DASH 2nd Edition including a corrigendum and updates which is 
now FDIS and will be ready soon. The updates are already part of the 
reference software and available under [1] so you should probably also 
consider these changes and include them into your software.

[1] https://github.com/bitmovin/libdash/tree/DASH_2nd_Edition

Best Regards,

On 01/09/2014 12:03 AM, Yunhui Fu wrote:
> The DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) module of the VLC is 
> base on a draft DASH spec and now it is outdated. We recently updated 
> the DASH module to support the latest spec(ISO/IEC 23009-1 2012) for 
> our academic study purpose. It's base on the GIT version and it now 
> works for some existing DASH test media content in the Internet.
> Since we use it to study the network flow pattern and are not expert 
> on the media encode/decode algorithms, we met some problems in 
> implementing the protocol and have no clue to fix it.
> 1. The original DASH and other similar modules, such as HTTP Live, 
> smooth, were implemented as ''stream_filter'' in the directory 
> modules/stream_filter, our updated module is also implemented as a 
> 'stream_filter' module. we also noticed that the other protocols, such 
> as asf, were implemented as a 'demux' module. What's the best 
> implementation method? stream_filter or demux?
> 2. One of issues in our implementation, there's black screen at the 
> switching of the video resolution from low res to high res, we don't 
> know if it's the problem of the encoder. The content is encoded by 
> Squeeze 9(http://www.sorensonmedia.com/video-encoding). If it is the 
> problem of the encoder, how can we encode the media content and split 
> it to multiple segments? for example, we use fmepg and MP4Box to 
> encode the content (Big Buck Bunny www.bigbuckbunny.org/ 
> <http://www.bigbuckbunny.org/>), what's the recommend arguments for 
> the tools.
> 3. The vlc refuse to work if we feed it with the audio and video 
> segments alternatively. Can vlc work in such manner?
> 4. Is it possible to merge all of the three modules, live/smooth/dash, 
> into one single module? Since they use similar protocols.
> Thank you in advanced for the help. We eager to release the source to 
> the community once the above issues fixed.
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