[vlc-devel] (no subject)

Wieland Hoffmann themineo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 23:04:06 CET 2014


this patch set extends the MusicBrainz Lua script to support the Cover
Art Archive[0], a collaboration between MusicBrainz and the Internet
Archive to provide the world with a free archive of cover images for all
the great (and sometimes not so great) music.

The first commit makes sure that we're not directly using the ASIN from
the search results, which, at first glance, seems like a bad thing
because it means every lookup through MusicBrainz makes at least 2
requests (one to get the MBID of the release, one to check if the Cover
Art Archive has artwork). There's a ticket [1] to extend the search
server output with information about the presence of artwork in the CAA,
but it's not done yet, so the extra request is unfortunately necessary.
I don't expect that to be a problem though, actually downloading the
image probably has a larger impact anyway.

One thing I wasn't sure about was which size to request for the artwork
- the CAA has 250x250px, 500x500px artwork and files in the resolution
that the uploaded files were in. I'm not sure I know all the places VLC
displays cover art, so I went with 500x500px which seems to be enough,
even if the playlist is undocked and the main window is showing just the

[0] http://coverartarchive.org/
[1] http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/SEARCH-223

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